About me

TLDR; Here is my CV.

Hey there 👋, Sean here, a guy giving learning a public a shot.

I am currently helping Xendit scale its Payment infrastructure across Asia by solving tech problems and preventing problems from happening. My work revolves around building and maintaining systems, exploring new tech, and coaching others.

I love learning new paradigms that improve or challenge previous ones. I have a wide array of interests that I garnered along the way - these range from Functional Programming to Front end Development. Now, I mainly dabble in Distributed Systems, Observability, Backend Development, and solving org-wide engineering problems.

Just some history, my career started when I stitched up a very crude web app for a small business back in college. I realised I wanted to give software engineering a try and I have not looked back since. After graduation, I worked at Zap where I led the front end team to utilize Purescript and React to build web apps, mobile apps, and serverless applications in production.

If you want to know more about what I do, feel free to look at my CV. Click here

Outside of work

You will find me trying out new calisthenic moves in the parks of Hong Kong, wandering the city and trails with my wife, or noodling with my guitar at home.

Feel free to reach out and connect.